Running Ostrich

Name: Running Ostrich
Material:ABS,Black PMMA
Size:96mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 136.7mm(H)
Colour: Chrome
Patent No: 201430326583.8

I’m good at running,stop and stick my head in the sand, listen for a clear direction and ran at top speed.----running ostrich

This is a running ostrich in red shoes. Its appearance is designed as a running ostrich and paper clips are its black wings. Without paper clips, it becomes a sexy ostrich with metal shining. As the ostrich sweeps past paper clips and drawing pins on the desk, it will put on black feathers immediately. With red sneakers and black feathers, it puts head up high and rises high into the sky, leaving everything behind.With black base, it looks like a small decorative item on the office desk on the whole, making an ordinary organizer stationery with higher quality and more interest.

名称: 穿红鞋的鸵鸟
尺寸:96mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 136.7mm(H)
颜色: 电镀
设计师: SE Xin