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The  green  Bed has overhead LED reading lights, speakers to play music to wake you up, an LED lit flower box that grows greenery up the posts of the bed and much more. The best part is that the bed features a built-in battery that turns all of your in-bed activities into energy. There are even straps and pulleys (chuckle) on the side of the bed that can be used to exercise and generate even more power.


     name: Ecotypic bed
     date: 2009.11.17
     client: concept
     intro: Green Product
     the project has been selected for the final
     round of judging of the Modern Painters      ReVision Design Award




all power from the sport the sport ring can be hid in the box under the bed The continuous pulling generates kinetic energy, which is the energy supplement to the bed.
received electricity energy by sport like tensile sport .
received electricity energy by sport like sit-up sport


air conditioning
change humidity freshness,
filled with the aroma of plant round bed
sow some boxofficinal plants in the flower box,it 's health-giving

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